Communicating With Patients

The Project is funded by the IMI.

Further to our recent post on the launch of Youth Health Talk Online, a new project with the lengthy moniker European Patients’ Academy of Therapeutic Innovation has been launched to encourage patients to discuss clinical trials, their involvement in studies, and how they are conducted. At the AMRC blog once maintained by Simon Denegri, the new host, Becky, has all the detail:

Over the next five years they plan to develop a library of resources available for everyone to use, run some summer schools for patients wanting to get up-to-speed about research and involved in discussions about it, and help develop ways that patients can get more involved to enable researchers and authorities to improve the way they do research.

The project has a website here, and is actively seeking contributions which will enable them to calibrate what materials for encouraging patient involvement in clinical research already exists. From here, they will better be able to identify the gaps in provision and propose best practice to help us all communicate better with the people who make our studies possible.

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