Cancer Research Begins Stratified Medicine Programme

One big story today: the launch of Cancer Research’s high profile DNA matching study. As the BBC report it:

About 9,000 cancer patients are being asked take part in new gene tests which could improve therapies.

Samples from tumours will be tested for gene faults, and testing laboratories in London, Cardiff and Birmingham will compare the outcome of treatments.

Cancer Research UK will ask the patients to take part in the first phase of the project.

Prof Malcolm Mason, of the Cardiff Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre, called it an exciting initiative.

PA’s report on the study quotes one patient with an admirable goal for the project: “I would hope this new Stratified Medicine Programme will eventually make a big difference and help develop new and improved treatments for people who are diagnosed with cancer in years to come.” The Telegraph’s Nick Collins has it that the “cancer DNA database could revolutionise treatment”.

Cancer Research themselves have posted a blog about the programme which is full of meaty detail, as is the project’s dedicated webpage. Good luck to all involved!

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