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Cancer Care in High-Income Countries


Sometimes it’s safer not to comment, and just provide the links. This article in the Lancet, entitled ‘Delivering affordable cancer care in high-income countries’, has caused something of a stir in the press – no surprise, perhaps, given, as an excellent blog post at For Argyll points out, that Professor Karol Sikora is one of its authors. Still, its conclusion – that “we need delivery of fair prices and real value from new technologies” – hardly justifies the furore. But here’re the best reactions. Make up your own mind!

Cancer Care’s “Culture of Excess” [PLoS Blogs]

Cancer Care – We Need Personalisation, not Generalisation [ Ciaran Divane at Huffington Post UK]

Cancer drug wars: As experts say life-extending remedies aren’t cost effective we reveal two powerful and very different views [Daily Mail]

Drugs: The doctor’s dilemma [The Independent]

The big C: cancer treatment is increasingly unaffordable [The Telegraph]

The big C: cancer treatment is increasingly unaffordable

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